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5K Fun Run/Walk at Bear Creek Park

5K Fun Run/Walk at Bear Creek Park

This is a fun 5k run/walk for those who want to meet up and maybe even prep for a Turkey trot later in November. We will be meeting at Bear Creek Park in Keller (they have a 5K route) and if there is a farmers market going on that day we can go shop and eat after!

Although this is a free event, I will take donations which 100% would go towards a local food bank and/or I will go shopping to get some highly needed or requested items to donate, This is not a requirement to participate, but I would LOVE to give a little back to our community.

Be sure to bring:

  • sunscreen
  • Sun Glasses
  • Water bottle / electrolytes
  • Running shoes
  • Headphones if you are wanting to listen to your music while running/walking
  • Weather dependent you might need a sweater or jacket, but make sure it is one you can maybe tie around yourself or easily carry if you get warm
  • If there is a farmers market, bring some reusable bags to go shop

RSVP so I know you will be there! Feel free to bring pets, family, friends and let’s have a fun time getting outside and moving. That being said, if there is rain or it is somehow super cold we might adjust a bit so check back a few days before the race and keep up with most recent updates on my Instagram!


Nov 11 2023


Central Time Zone
10:00 am - 12:00 pm


[email protected]